Thank You Harry Styles!

Thank you, Harry Styles!

It has taken 15 years but I finally figured out my daughter’s currency. I know what you’re thinking…what does a teen…and Harry Styles, have to do with a business platform.

Well, everyone has something that motivates them. And I finally figured out that it’s vinyl for my daughter. She asked for a baby blue Victrola for her birthday. I know…who knew?! (polaroids are a thing now too)

We have piles of records, which have mostly been turned into wall art, but they are from the 70’s and 80’s. She wanted the vinyl of a current pop artist. And records today start at $20 and easily go to $100.

I bought her the vinyl, which was shrink-wrapped, and told her she cannot open it until she gets an A on her algebra test. Now, let’s be clear…this is no slouch class. She’s in Honors Algebra 2 as an 8th grader. But she’s there because she can do the work.

That’s the problem. She hasn’t been working very hard.

I finally figured out what would motivate her to put in the effort.

If you want productive employees, figure out what motivates them…what is their currency?

By the way, she was just as pleased with my praise for her effort. It brought a smile bigger than seeing the album.

We’ll see how she does…

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