For everyone who was told their dreams were impossible

For everyone who was told their dreams were impossible

Hi! I'm Laura Neuman,

I’ve seen the best and the worst of what life has to offer.

At eighteen, I was a high school drop-out and waitress. I left home with all my belongings in a plastic trash bag to live out of my car. There were days when I had to choose between food, gas, and rent. Then, when life couldn’t get any worse, I was raped at gunpoint. The police – and my own mother – didn’t believe me, so my case was never investigated. But I never gave up.

I started in business answering telephone calls on an 800 number, and worked my way up. I became a homeowner, I earned an MBA without finishing high school or college, I raised millions in venture capital, managed a $1.3 billion budget, and went on a relentless mission to get someone to investigate the rape. Not only was the perpetrator caught and convicted, but my advocacy led to justice for other women!

Success is within your reach. It requires determination, resilience, and an undeniable belief in yourself.

“No One

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