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Laura Neuman is a leader with a lifetime of achievement that was only possible with resilience and determination, transforming adversity into triumph throughout her extraordinary journey. From a challenging upbringing marked by abuse and hardship to becoming a successful entrepreneur and public servant, Laura’s story epitomizes courage and the unwavering desire to succeed against all odds. Despite facing obstacles, including surviving a traumatic assault, Laura refused to be defined by her circumstances. Instead, she invested in her education and bet on herself, ultimately turning a struggling startup into a multimillion-dollar success.

Her journey also led to the resolution of her own assault case, bringing justice for herself and many others. Transitioning into public service, Laura continued to defy expectations, demonstrating her ability to lead with integrity and effect positive change as CEO of the Howard County Economic Development Authority and County Executive of Anne Arundel County. Her remarkable story serves as an inspiration to others, highlighting the power of resilience, courage, and the unwavering belief in oneself.

Areas of expertise:

  1. Overcoming Adversity and Resilience: Sharing her personal journey from a challenging childhood marked by abuse and poverty to achieving success in business and public service. Emphasizing the importance of resilience, determination, and never giving up.
  2. The Power of Self-Investment: Discussing how education, and finding the potential in every person, plays a crucial role in transforming lives, with or without a traditional educational background. Highlighting the importance of self-investment and seeking opportunities for growth.
  3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Sharing my journey as an entrepreneur who turned around an insolvent startup, highlighting the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the keys to entrepreneurial success.
  4. Justice and Advocacy: Speaking about the nineteen year-long fight for justice in my rape case, the importance of perseverance, and the role of advocacy in bringing about change. Emphasizing the significance of standing up for myself and others.
  5. Leadership and Public Service: Sharing insights from my tenure as the County Executive, managing a large budget, restoring good governance, and leading during times of crisis. Discussing the qualities of effective leadership and the importance of public service.
  6. Empowerment and Self-Belief: Inspiring others to believe in themselves, bet on their abilities, and take charge of their destiny, regardless of their background or past experiences.
  7. Navigating Workplace Challenges: Discussing my experiences in the corporate world, the obstacles faced due to lack of formal education, and strategies for overcoming workplace challenges and biases.
  8. Family Dynamics and Personal Growth: Reflecting on my complex relationship with my family, the impact of childhood experiences on personal growth, and finding fulfillment and validation from within.
  9. Policy Advocacy and Legislative Impact: Sharing my experience in public service, the role of policy advocacy in addressing societal issues, and the importance of civic engagement and leadership.
  10. The Journey of Healing and Forgiveness: Discussing my journey towards healing and happiness and achieving personal and professional success. My lived experience will resonate with a wide range of audiences, from students and educators to professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and individuals who have faced adversity and are seeking inspiration and guidance. My story of resilience, determination, and triumph over adversity can inspire and motivate others to overcome their challenges and pursue their dreams.

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