Is this the Home of Someone with Potential?

Is this the home of someone with potential?

I built a venture-backed technology company, led one of the largest counties in Maryland…and earned an MBA. But I got my start in this apartment building.

I attended 6 different schools before dropping out after 11th grade.

I lived out of my car for months.

At a low point, I pleaded with a bank manager to let me cash a $2 rebate check so I could buy food.

I was embarrassed for a long time that this was my beginning.

Others thought it limited my potential too.

In high school, a teacher told me I had to learn administrative skills so I could get a job as a secretary. She thought that was all I could achieve…but I believed I could do more.

Will others define your opportunity? Or will you decide where you go from here?

Tap into your potential, even when others don’t see it.


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