I met Tayvion at Michael’s tonight. My 16yo son and I were there to buy canvases.

I figured out on spring break that, other than organized sports – which aren’t happening right now – the only thing that will distract him from electronics is artwork.

Obviously, I wanted to encourage this alternative form of recreation.

Tayvion was covered in tattoo’s.

Tats aren’t my thing but I acknowledged the pride in his work. This led to a conversation about how our friendly Michael’s employee would like to put his creativity to work in web development.

It was clear he didn’t think that path was available to him.

Tayvion knew every inch of that store. He was so helpful and friendly that my son, unprompted, reached out his hand to thank him.

I told Tayvion about Catalyte. I suggested he contact the company…I explained how anyone can take their test to determine aptitude for coding.

He was exuberant.

I walked up to the register to pay and mentioned how helpful he was. The cashier said, “yes, that sounds like Tayvion.”

Tayvion is full of potential. What he doesn’t have is a traditional background, a mentor, or information on how to find opportunity.

What are we missing by not seeing the possibilities for this twenty-something?

I’ll be back to see if he made the call.

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