I’m not sure if it was a love of athletics or an occasional need to get out of the house, but my son took up golf last summer.
My sister, Leslie, had come to live with us and he was helping me clean out 50 years of mementos, trash and furniture from my mother’s house – it was a bit stressful.
Without a single lesson, Alex became an almost-scratch golfer with an entry-level set of clubs…yes, he put in some hours 🙂 He had his first lesson this spring.
He loved it so much he signed up for the Maryland State Golf Association Amateur Tournament. Guess what you don’t think to get if you’ve never played in a tournament? A caddy!
Guess who he asked? At the last minute. Mom!
I drove him over, thinking I was dropping him off.
With groceries in the car, no makeup, and zero experience, I was his caddy….fortunately, they offered me a golf cart!
It was so much fun!! I went to the snack shack, ordered sandwiches, snacks and drinks…put the groceries on ice…and rode around in a golf cart all day.
So fun!!
I was on the cart path, not in the fairway, when one of the guys in his group hit the ball into the back of my cart (photo). It actually saved him a stroke.

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