I Never Went to College

I had no idea visiting colleges with my teen would be a walk down memory lane, especially for this non-college graduate.

First visit – Maryland Institute College of Art. The first stop on the tour was the former Hospital for Women in Baltimore. I was one of the last babies born there. It’s now a dorm for college students.

Second visit – The Johns Hopkins University. I was a waiter at an event in The Glass Pavilion when I should’ve been in college.

It’s an honor and a privilege to take my kids to visit schools I could not afford to attend.

In a few weeks – Loyola University Maryland. This is the place that took a chance on me. It’s where I earned an MBA, at thirty-five, without finishing high school or college.

Every college app now has a question asking if you are a first-generation college student. I’m scratching my head on how to answer that one.

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