Why is a Degree the Metric for Success?

Why is the college degree our metric for potential?

I was on a call tonight with 67 esteemed, prestigious people who work diligently to protect our country and companies. In this case, they work in cyber…but this applies to many industries.

We need to rethink talent.

I don’t have a college degree. That path wasn’t available to me.

But I was able to build a venture-backed technology company and hold public office…and, without finishing high school or college, get an MBA.

I focused on my potential. It wasn’t easy. I was often overlooked because I did not check the box.

I’m not much different than so many of you out there.

In fact, after the call, several people reached out and shared similar stories.

Imagine what’s possible if we see the talent instead of the credential.

I believe in college. But I don’t believe in going – or racking up huge debt – just to check a box.

We need to find the potential and possibility in every person.

Otherwise, we are leaving considerable talent on the table.

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