Parking Attendent

Parking attendant.

We spend a lot of time celebrating success. I do it myself. After working my way up from the bottom, a place filled with self-doubt, it feels great to share an accomplishment. But success can be defined in many ways.

Meet Bree.

I have the tremendous honor of serving on meaningful boards in our community. One of them is Shock Trauma. It is a who’s who of VIP’s from across Maryland.

As I pulled up to the University of Maryland Medical System for a recent meeting, I was running late. It was the first time we were meeting in person since Covid and the first day of drop-off for my daughter at a new school.

The parking area was packed, as usual. Bree must’ve seen my look of panic because she walked right up to my vehicle and took over. Not only did she help me get to the meeting but she stopped me before I walked into the building in flip-flops…in the rush, I forgot my “work” shoes in the backseat.

Bree did all this with a smile and reminded me that celebrating success is celebrating a job well done! She was the VIP in my day!

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