Its April Fool’s Day

It’s April Fools Day…so a teeny bit of non-work stuff.

I hope you’re pulling some pranks on your little ones…we started young. A walk down memory lane:

A drop of blue food coloring in the milk jug.

“Would you like some brown-E’s?” Yes!
Cut out a bunch of letter E’s from brown construction paper and present instead of brownies. We still have an E in our napkin bowl.

Snack switch. Carefully open an individual snack bag of chips, fill with a healthy snack like grapes or carrots, reseal and pop into the lunch box.

Chocolate bunny filled with mustard. Make a small hole in the bottom of bunny. Fill with yellow mustard, melt a chocolate chip and use to re-seal.

Oreos filled with toothpaste. Carefully open the packaging, replace cream filling in cookies with white toothpaste.

Sign on car. This was a favorite. We made a sign that said “clap and cheer for Avery” and secretly attached to the back of car. Everyone who drove by cheered and honked for her, as she shrunk in her seat.

I could go on and on! Yesterday, I heard on the radio that April Fools Day should just go away. I disagree.

We need to lighten up a bit, have a little more fun…and laugh. I pranked my kids but, trust me, they got me back. We were drinking blue milk for weeks.

*pranks should be age appropriate

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