Adventures with Leslie, Frappes are the Bomb!

I wasn’t sure how much to do for my sister Leslie when she arrived at my house. In many ways she is an adult, and in others, she is sweet and child-like. This contrast presented itself right away when it comes to household chores.

Leslie jumps right in to help dry the dishes. Now, let’s be clear. This has led to many an Adventure with Leslie on where to find the lid to a canister or the butter dish. Things get put away…where she thinks they should go!

I can spend all day looking for an item or I can ask her where it is. I’m becoming a bit more flexible on how the dishes get done.

I asked Leslie, “What do you like about being at my house?”

“I like it. It’s cleaner.” It’s the simple things. Leslie was living in a room that hadn’t seen a vacuum or any housecleaning in 10+ years.

I asked Leslie to take out the trash. For child-like Leslie, this walk seemed daunting. But she did it – with Avery by her side! Then adult Leslie, just before walking out the door, said to my son, “Alex, put in a new trash bag.”

If she’s working, she wants to be sure my children are too.

They pulled me aside over the weekend and said, “Aunt Leslie was always so sweet. Why is she bossing us around?” I think it’s because she has a feeling of security. She’s comfortable.

Leslie’s reward for a day of hard work – a frappe from McDonald’s. Check out that smile!

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