Adventures with Leslie: Compassionate Care
Adventures with Leslie
I got a call a few weeks ago, “Hello, my name is Kyle (name changed) and I’m looking for the representative for Leslie. I’m her new service coordinator.” Ugh. My luck had run out.
When I took over Leslie’s care, I sifted through piles of documents from my mothers’ house, many were crammed in boxes and covered with layers of dust and debris, looking for clues to Leslie’s diagnosis and care.
In 2016, we had tried to get Leslie removed from my mother’s house…the court filings were in there. I found healthcare records dating back to 1969, and a copy of every W2 for disability benefits over the years.
One specific/generic letter came up over and over. They all start with “I’m your new service coordinator.” By my count, Leslie had fifteen service coordinators in fifteen years. Sometimes up to three in a year! But, since 2017, she has had the same person – Jeanne Gonzales.
Jeanne was truly my partner in getting Leslie the care she needed.
A service coordinator is someone – outside the family – who ensures the vulnerable in our community have access to support, service and care. As taxpayers, the care provided is a significant investment, and service coordinators ensure every person they serve is making the most of this investment.
I did my very best to support my sister, but I could not have done any of what I did without Jeanne. She made great recommendations on programs, and she helped me find the perfect place for her.
When Leslie went to visit her new home for the first time, Jeanne was there. She’s like family.
Leslie loves everyone so I know she’ll love Kyle, but stable, compassionate care is what the most vulnerable in our community really need.

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